Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23 - Wyoming, not as cool as I thought

July 23rd 2015
It was nice hiking in a new state for the first couple hours. Nightcrawler got something in her eye that made her whole body have an allergic reaction. I gave here some benadryl and she said it kicked in an hour later. Until then she scratched uncontrollably, it was tough to watch.
The rest of the day was up and down cross country travel from cairn to cairn. There were posts with CDT logos on them but it wasn't much of a trail. We traversed giant swamp meadows and meandered through pine forests. My body hated me, but I trudged on and eventually made it to Battle Pass. Upon arriving I met back up with Viper and Tragic attempting to hitch hike. They caught a ride and shortly after Moist and I caught a ride down to Encampment Wyoming.  We got a burger and beer and enjoyed the rest. We met up with Nightcrawler when she got down and shared a hotel room. Viper and Tragic went to the better restaurant and camped. Their trip to town was unexpected because they both were carrying enough food to make it to Rawlings. I think they were slightly hurt they couldn't stay in the room, it was tiny and the manager wouldn't have had it.
I made a bunch of friends with the hotels residents, there was an English/Spanish language barrier that made it tough to socialize. It was nice to sleep in a bed...again...and get some much needed rest.

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