Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Funday - Double Fourteener!

July 12 2015
It was absolutely wonderful meeting up with a couple of hikers again. It means I'm not in last place anymore!
After a semi fulfilling continental breakfast with a waffle maker I was out the door and on my way to Target, superstores tend to be empty that early in the day. Loaded up on a pack of new pillow feet inserts and I was ready to go.  I hiked out of town past Keystone ski resort and into the mountains. I forgot how fun road walking is so I used my new luxury item, the Jambox Mini, and blasted my own personal music sphere. The dozens of road cyclists tried their best to ignore my Ace of Base.  There were lots of campers along the road and I even stopped to chat with some squatters, homeless camping people? Their dogs tried to kill me. After hours of this silly road walking I started to gain some elevation. I went up, up some more and then up the wrong way. If you follow this blog you might notice a trend in the wrong way stuff, good thing I already have a trail name.  Before I new it I was climbing on my hands and feet up Grey's peak. Boom Shaka laka! I made it to the top. I got really lucky with the weather, normally you can't summit tall mountains in the afternoon due to lightning danger. Something I'm all too familiar with. A few minutes later and I was on top of Torrey's peak, a much easier climb. Easier.... Near the top my path was blocked my a mountain goat that didn't want to get out of my way. All I need is to be knocked off a mountain by a goat! He got out of the way for a while but was back soon after.
Eventually all of the fun was over and it was time to descend. On the way down I got a couple good pictures of a whole family of mountain goats. I kept hiking and eventually came to a trail head and a dirt road, my favorite. Oddly its the official trail so I picked up my pace and kept going down. There were some nice secluded houses on the road, eventually I reached the bottom and I -70.  It was getting late and the trail turned into a bike path with nowhere to camp. I walked till 9 pm and found a place. Since I'm hiking next to the interstate I made a few phone calls to some fellow hikers and my wife.
Good day, I'm beat again. Winter Park here I come.

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