Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th - back to the trail

July 7th 2015
Getting back on trail is bittersweet, I don't think that I've ever used that word in a sentence before. This morning around 5:30 am I said goodbye to my amazing wife Katie. Over the last few days she was in Colorado visiting me I desperately tried to get her to let me come home with her. She would sternly shoot me down and tell me I couldn't come home until I finished my hike. So here I am still on the flipping trail, by myself, alone, in the freaking mountains, getting rained on in a cloud, and wondering if that noise I just heard is a grizzly bear.  If she was here she would tell me to man up and quit being a wimp. Oh well, only two more months...
Hiking today was, well hiking. The weather is really lousy and is forecasted to be pretty bad for the next couple of days. I got hailed on, rained on and maybe even clouded on.  There were a few times I sat in my own despair shivering and soaking wet under some tree waiting for it to stop raining... It never did. I made camp early and am now just sitting here while a good downpour is tap dancing on my tent and thunder is laying down the beats for the tap dancing rain drops. I'm using new stakes too, hopefully they hold up.
On a non negative positive note my body is doing well and the area I'm hiking in is really pretty dope. I'm willing to bet if it wasn't all clouded there would be some amazing views. I don't know my mileage but I'm about 5 miles of actual divide hiking from Cottonwood pass. I'll have to check the maps to see if I can make it to Twin lakes tomorrow. Just checked, the five miles I wasn't able to do today will keep me 5 miles from Twin Lakes tomorrow, oh well no rush.
Early to bed to dream about sunny skies and rain free forecasts.

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