Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cuba New Mexico!

June 3rd and 4th, 2005

Today I walked and walked and walked in the blazing heat. I tried my best to wake up early and make a stone wall around Viper's tent but it was difficult to get up early.  I caught him around 7 am leaving his campsite, a few minutes later we were hiking together.  We ended up taking a side route and missed the water, turns out it was another 25 mile day with no water... We split up midday and met again in Cuba over pizza, beer, hamburgers and air conditioning.  Our buddy Reststop was already in town and met up with us.

The scenery was pretty amazing today regardless of the heat.  The trail follows the edge of these epic mesas and sometimes even climbs them.  At that point it's more like mountaineering than hiking.  Other than the mesas it's just huge expanses of nothingness, hot and dry nothingness.

The town is okay, a little run down and very heavily populated by Native Americans from the nearby reservation. We decided to stay an extra day, Viper has me in the mindset that if we just hike more 30s then we can stay in towns longer.  Then there is the whole snow ordeal in southern Colorado, we are still getting reports and pictures of massive snow fields from the recent snow in the San Juans.  Maybe if we goof off enough it will all melt.  

On a side note Amazon said they would refund my crappy Mizuno shoes.  I got verbal confirmation from them on the phone and an email that said the complete opposite.  I have a feeling I'm in for a fight when they get them back.  I ordered a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes from REI, word on the street is that they are pretty good shoes.

I'm currently using the computer in the library and still can't manage to upload my photos.  I'll work on taking more with my phone.  I'm going to keep it on all the time and use it for my GPS.  The GPS is going home, I think that will save me about 10oz.  With the phone always on I can take double pictures and upload more. Words just don't describe some of the things we see out here, especially my inadequate cell phone based writing.

Back to the trail tomorrow morning.

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