Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23rd

June 23 2015

Journaling is hard when there is so much Game of Thrones to watch. But here I am, writing down my thoughts in the time tested manor of a touch qwerty keyboard on my cell phone. Lately every time I hit space the letter "b" shows up instead... Just happened there.

More snow and hiking. It rained, hailed, and sleeted some. We almost made it all the way with minimal weather. Today was also a 19ish mile day, that leaves something like 19-17 miles to the pass tomorrow. Then we hitch to Lake City CO. If you are a huge blog follower and check everyday for an update tomorrow is your day, after my lovely wife edits and spell checks them for me of course. Love you sweetie...

We saw a couple cars on Stoney Pass and also hiked along the Colorado Trail for a bit, actually I think we're still on it. We also met a rather large group of Younglife kids out enjoying nature. Their leader didn't let them have watches of cell phones, or tell them where they were going, the injustice. I don't think she liked our presence there either, she jumped up and intersected us before we got to close to their camp chair circle. Oh well, haters gonna hate.

Currently we're camped out among some sweet rock formations. In the valley below are about 50-100 elk spread out over a mile or so. It's pretty amazing to see that many in one place.
I was planning on writing a little blurb about Tarptent Contrail as I'll be sending it home for my newer more awesome tent but it looks like that will have to wait.  If all goes well I'll be in town tomorrow night so I'll try to get some journaling done in town. Heck I might even have access to a computer!

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