Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18th

June 18th 2015

Pretty much spent the last two days hanging out in Pagosa Springs CO. I went to the outfitters, a couple different eateries, the indoor/rooftop hot springs, and even got a round of discgolf in. Their club just happened to have doubles while I was in town. Man, I'm no good at disc golf these days. I also got to hang out with a bunch of great hikers at a fellow hiker named LETITBE's house. He hiked the Appalachian Trail southbound the same year as my dad, wonder if they met. Him and a couple other hikers there are triple triple crowners, or at least working on it this hike. That means they have hiked all 3 trails 3 times, the other two hikers are Lint and Reststop....
It was hard, most of the hikers were staying another day, but we managed to get out of town. It took forever and we didn't start hiking until 1:30. Back on the trail my pack weighs 100lbs, Holy crap. Everyone's pack was about 10-20 lbs over the pack's recommended weight. They were so heavy we ended up carrying our snowshoes in hand when they weren't being used. 

It rained a little and the lightning is pretty much the norm now, it doesn't even scare me that much anymore. Today we trudged through a lot of soft snow, one time I postholed so bad I went in up to my stomach. We all had some bad snow accidents and by the end of the day were physically and mentally spent.

I'm still hiking with Hardtime and Atlas, two guys that have their baseweight under 10 lbs. Hardtime is from Katy in Houston and Atlas just moved from Berkely to Atlanta. We lost Hardtime, as he likes to hike easy stuff, and we picked up Bigfoot - he just got back from taking 2 weeks off to wait out the snow. Staying at LETITBE's house, we learned about all of the hikers and what they are doing. Everyone is going north to Wyoming and hiking south. Those that are going north are walking roads or taking shortcuts. We are probably 10-15 of 100 that are actually doing this section. It's going to be brutal and awesome at the same time.
Bed time... Lol, really... I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

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