Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Middle of nowhere

June, 2 2015
Not much to say about today. I stayed on the trail and Viper took a road. It seems the drop onto the mesa floor and was difficult for both of us. He got to lunch about an hour before me with no breaks. I like to break....
The water here, los ojos frios is pure garbage. It is some kind of spring that gives off a nice cow crap aroma, it tastes about the same. Luckily there is another spring that is supposed to be very nice 15 miles away.  I got 3 liters here and stayed for lunch. Viper is going to ration his last liter or so. Can't say I blame him.
The landscape we're about to enter are these huge water carved mesas that stretch as far as you can see. It's going to get really hot really quick. I'll finish today's entry from the comfort of my tent, something I forgot to do last night.
Part twoooooo.
Well the rest of today was pretty uneventful. I thought I was going to die from heat exhaustion. I only took 2 liters of water for 15 miles and mixed in a bunch of propel in the water. That was terrible in the heat, my mouth was sticky and constantly dry.  I managed to do a minor miracle and make a tire in the middle of the desert produce water. Turns out it was just turned off and nobody before me figured that out. There was an old water cache, basically a bunch of empty water jugs, right before the tire. I'm getting pretty sick of seeing 5+ empty water jugs at various intersections along the trail. Someone is filling them up for a group of wounded warriors hiking the trail and just leaving them. Who the hell do they think is going to clean up after them!!!  After some more endless miles up and down these mesas I got to a road with a water cache (for normal hikers and properly maintained). Heck, there was even a bag of apples!
I made a sign that said "Got Beer" and tried to yogi a beer at the road - no luck. It was 8:00 and I had about an hour of light left. I kept walking to see if Viper camped where we talked about. It got dark and the full moon came up. Eventually the trail started doing something weird so I just set my tent up on the trail around 9:30.  The moon is awesome and  surrounded by cliffs with bat and coyote caves.  The coyotes are running a muck all around me yipping and yowling.
Oddly enough and somewhat surprising, this is my first night camping by myself. Cool story... its still hot out.

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