Monday, June 8, 2015


June 8th 2015
We left Ghost Ranch today. I was happy to leave but things did turn out for the best yesterday. While hanging out in the study lounge all day, we spoke with several different people as they would wander in. Most people were checking in for the week. It was Quaker week and we were told the entire place was booked, turns out the receptionists are just lazy and hate hikers. The same thing happened to some other hikers a couple days before.  Eventually, our saviors Jeanine and Hap showed up and offered us one of their two rooms. They were brother and sister and they happen to have 5 beds for the two of them. It was an amazing act of kindness and we really appreciated it.
The hike out of ghost ranch was straight up and out of the desert. We hiked through pine forests and aspen groves all day. We also got a taste of our first mosquitoes.  I think we even managed to get lost a couple times. It wasn't a high millage day but it was pretty enjoyable. Viper left us to get his high mile day in and said he would be to Chama NM, our next resupply, by Wednesday morning. I laughed and said I would see him Thursday.
Three more days to Chama and the snow that awaits in the San Juan mountains. On the trail things always work out for the best no matter how grim the situation looks. A lot of times you even get to experience people being kind and helpful, something that isn't too common anymore.  On a side note - it's nice to hike with Squral and Holly again. Things tend to be a little more relaxing and less taxing on my body.

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