Thursday, June 18, 2015

Some photos

No captions on these guys yet - will have to wait for computer access to do that.

Snowshoeing down a bank of snow.

Tennis shoes, waterproof socks and snowshoes.  Not your everyday thru hiker garb.


Squral and Holly arriving at Ghost Ranch.

Hikers in the distance.

Lots of snow

The gang chilling in a hotel room in Chama, NM.

At the pass after getting a ride from Trivia's parents. Time to do some hiking

The new gang getting ready to tackle some tough terrain
left to right - Atlas, Hardtime, Reststop and me.

still dealing with the cows

3 Zpacks tents and my Tarptent Contrail

Storms, an everyday thing in this section.

The trail from Chama up to the pass and to Toltec

Squral jumping a sweet creek.

Pretty much all of the hikers I've met so far at LETITBE's house.

This was the great entry into Colorado.  Not even a welcome to Colorado sign.

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  1. The shot of the dude crossing the river is amazing. Hope you're safe out there. -Fats