Thursday, June 11, 2015

One Month

Thursday June 11th.
Today was my 1 month anniversary on the trail. I also finished New Mexico today. If you asked me if I would hike any of New Mexico again, the answer would be "no".  The last few miles into Cumbres pass were terrible. Lots of getting lost, wet feet, postholing, and general agony. I went via the new trail and it seems all of the lucky people took the old trail... It was exciting coming down to the pass at 10,200 feet.
I met some new hikers and hitchhiked with one of them down to Chama. Chama was a cool town and even more hikers were in town. Reststop and Hardtime were waiting for me and we are going to tackle the San Juans together.
It was like Christmas at the post office. I got new shoes, waterproof socks, snow baskets for my trekking poles and some cheap snowshoes. Its only 60 miles to the next pass, Wolf Creek Pass.....

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