Wednesday, June 10, 2015


June 10th 2015
It rained overnight and the forecast was for more rain. If only it was for more cowbell instead.
I packed up and headed over to where Squral and Holly were camped. We chit chatted and eventually got on the trail. The rain stayed at our backs and enabled pleasant hiking until around 1 pm. All hell broke loose, it was the thunderstorm of the season. Lightning flashed all around us, some strikes only a few hundred yards. We trudged on through the rain and lightning and prayed we wouldn't die. The rain never let up by the lightning eventually did.
For the rest of the day the theme was MUD. Every type you could imagine, red mud, clay mud, squishy mud, thick mud, life threatening mud, and the kind of mud that sucks you down with it. It was pretty bad and the rain kept turning on and off. Everything got soaked and cold. Lower Lagunitas camp site was a nice place to stop and make some coffee. Squral and Holly showed up after I packed up and climbed to Upper Lagunitas campground. Sounded like they were beat and going to call it. I kept going and 5 minutes later met some section hikers, they were hiking in style. But they needed to copy my maps due to a problem with getting lost.
The rain came and went, the sun even showed up for a very interesting sunset. I hiked my heart out but don't think I made it very far. I stopped around 8 to set up my tent and make some food. More mud and rain tomorrow, I can hear the wind and thunder in the background. Currently I'm getting rained on by small bands of storm clouds that won't give up. Hopefully I can make some miles up in the morning and get to Cumbers pass for a hitch to Chama. I'm out of food and looking forward to town, its been a few days.

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