Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27

Well we haven't really left Lake City, CO yet. Got here a night early and took a double zero, these zero days are really starting to add up. It just became a triple zero, Reststop and Viper decided to stay so I stayed with them. It was either stay here an extra day or wait in Salida by myself for Katie... Atlas and Bigfoot took off around 11:30 to start hiking.
A few other hikers also showed up, but no one is coming from behind us. Most everyone skipped ahead by taking the Creed cutoff. Threshold got a ride here to get a package and Bearclaw and Dirtmonger just showed up from somewhere. From what I gather they are done hiking and just got jobs in Lake City.
Anyway, the town is pretty nice and the race has really boosted the activity level around here. I helped carry some water to one of the aid stations yesterday and will never help again... A guy that has helped take water up there took us up the wrong saddle and made the straight up climb that much more difficult. At the end he told us that's the third time he has gone the wrong way. We went back down the correct way and it was much better. When you carry 45 lb water jugs up 1500 ft in 1/2 a mile the right way helps. It will make a good story and next year I can do the San Juan Solstice 50 miler if I would like to. Check out the elevation profile online.
Remember that post about water filtration? Well when I got back from carrying the jugs I got a pretty bad acid indigestion attack. It knocked me on my butt, since then my stomach has been a mess and I'm currently bed ridden.  No one will stay in the same room as me for very long. I don't really know what's going on but I sure do hope it ends shortly.
Tomorrow we get back on trail in the morning. Four days of hiking and I get to take 3 more days off with Katie, Woot Woot.

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