Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24th

We ended up in a pretty cool campsite, surrounded by rocks and the only flatish spot for miles. Soon after, well while we were setting up camp it slushy sleeted on us.  It didn't rain for the rest of the night. Below our site there were about 100 elk in the valley below, eating, farting and making ridiculous noises.
We made pretty good time hiking knowing that the pass and therefore a warm bed was only 19ish miles away. We came across two more Younglife groups of 15 and some Colorado trail hikers.  We had lunch in a fully stocked Yurt, it was pretty nice. Afterwards we pushed on hiking along until a flash followed by a giant boom had us all flat on our stomachs wondering what happen. Bigfoot threw his pack down and assumed the "lightning position". I just sat there laughing because all of us were on the ground, including Reststop and Atlas 100 yards behind. We waited for the other two, when they caught up they told us that both of them were knocked off their feet and slammed to the ground by the lightning. It wasn't so funny anymore, we survived a near miss. Neither Atlas nor Reststop recall getting knocked to the ground.
Hiking fast, we made it to the pass and got a ride to town, The ride was sheer luck. In town we stayed at the Ravens Rest Hostel run by Lucky, a former thru hiker. It's a nice place and I recommend it to anyone passing through Lake City, CO.

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