Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yogi the bear

Tuesday June 9th 2015

Our campsite was on a ridge and the sunrise made a spectacular appearance at 5 in the morning. I worked hard to sleep in and was happily greeted by Squral commenting on my tent. More high altitude hiking followed, we were all tired and sluggish. We just assumed it had to be because we were hiking at 10,000 ft all day.. The rain clouds toyed with our emotions all day and kept the temps cool. It was nice hiking. I don't know the name of the flower, it's yellow and grows at high altitude, but the flower's stalks were starting to grow everywhere. In a couple weeks or less the hills are going to be covered with giant yellow flowers. Now everything is just wet and muddy from the recent snow melt.

On a side note I finished the Carl Hiassen audiobook, "Chomp", and it was pretty funny.

We lucked out and the miles led us to a campground for the night. For some reason it is packed on a Tuesday.  After a graceful yogi of beer and a loaded roast beef sandwich it was time for bed. Somehow we ended up at different campsites, no biggie. Its starting to rain and I have a feeling it is just the beginning.

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