Saturday, June 13, 2015

San Juans

Saturday June 13 2015
What an exciting day. Blog/journal done....
I do believe this is the first time I've gone inside my sleeping bag and completely sealed up to write this on my cell phone. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Anyway, today was pretty epic. Pictures do best if I ever get them up. The next town is Pagosa Springs, CO and I plan to get some pictures up... As always, we'll see. We started off the morning, and 95% of the day in our snowshoes. They are imperative to our success. The views and thunderclouds were everywhere, eventually the thunderstorms won and the views disappeared.
We decided to take a low route to avoided getting struck by lightning on the exposed ridges. So instead of 12500 feet we went down to 10500 feet. We snowshoed all the way down and hit a cliff, there really wasn't a trail because of all of the snow. At that point we realized our mistake, the creeks were flowing full force and pretty much impassable. We stupidly descended the cliff via a snow chute. Probably the first risky move of the trip, it's okay I have a SPOT!!!! For the couple of creeks we had to cross we just removed our socks and went through with just shoes. That was quickly followed by the freezing feet dance. The creeks were pretty bad, getting to them and through them was a challenge. Any wrong move would have created a pretty dangerous situation.
It was a long rewarding day, the group morale seemed to suffer throughout the day resulting in an early night. We only made 15 miles yesterday in good terrain and 17 today. Reststop thinks we have 27 to go. I really hope things pick up. A note on snowshoes.... I hate them.

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