Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ghost Ranch

June 6th 2015

Our mission: Ghost Ranch.

We awoke this morning slightly groggy from the exciting night before. We added up the remaining mileage to Ghost Ranch and knew we had to boogie today if we were going to make Ghost Ranch by 5:00 pm for dinner.  We hiked through some pretty amazing canyons, I tried to take some photo spheres but my cell phone camera was broken... didn't know that was possible.

We slowly trudged on and physically abused our bodies, I believe I pushed mine to the limit.  I used to take the occasional break, hiking with Viper has all but eliminated that luxury.  Throughout the day, huge thunder storms toyed with our emotions.  Eventually one got us, it was quite the spectacular event and we stayed relatively dry.

We made it to Ghost Ranch around 5:00 and met up with Reststop and Kevin "Beard" Vest.  I carried some of Kevin's stuff he lost for a couple hundred miles back around Silver City. He kindly repaid me with 2 beers duct taped to my resupply box in the Ghost Ranch office. Dinner was good and I finally have access to a computer.  I also finally uploaded all the the pictures I've been taking!


Viper stepped in cow poop, still laughing....

Thunder storms

we took a lot of lightning photos of this one.

Ghost Ranch

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