Friday, June 12, 2015

Into the white

Friday June 12th 2015
Into the white.... Ready to go, we left town around 9 am. A hiker named Trivia had his parents come to visit in their superford travel van. They were nice enough to give us a ride back to the pass. The other option was to take the train, the Cumbres Toltec express, it looked like an adventure.
The four of us, Atlas, Reststop, Hardtime and myself, embarked on a journey into the great unknown. Only about 25 or so hikers have done this section and none in the last couple of weeks. Most are flip flopping north or going home.
The snow was cold, the water was wet and the hiking was slow going at 12,000 feet. We kept our morale up and the group slowly trudged on. Its safe to say our milage has been cut in half.  We all have snowshoes and waterproof socks, without those this would be impossible. We came across some pretty amazing scenic view and I tried to take photospheres of them. Something's wrong and they will not save. I'm really bummed out about that.
Around 8 pm we found a site that could fit 4 tents, that seems to be a bit tricky in snow and water covered expanses. The adventure into the San Juan's has just begun and it looks like its going to test all of us. The rain held off for the day but is going to get us soon. Here's to tomorrow.

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