Saturday, June 6, 2015


June 5th 2015
We made it out of Cuba! Yesterday Viper and I decided to take a zero and wait for Squral and Holly. We also wanted to spend an extra day in town to instigate the wounded warrior water cache debacle. It was a well made decision. We left Cuba today after stops at McDonald's, the gas station and Subway. I got something important at each stop. A few miles out of town Squral and Holly stopped for a nature break. Viper and I didn't end up stopping until 1:00pm. We were climbing out of Cuba up to 10,000, it was quite the climb. The reward was, rain, aspens and pine trees. The snow must have recently melted because we hiked through several bogs. My feet are so wet and cold it reminds me of the Gila river. I just took off my shoes to get in my tent and they were steaming like corn on the cob fresh out of the pot. My socks, gaiters and feet were steaming too.

After the climb out of town we really got to enjoy the cold and rainy weather. It reminded me of hiking in the Northern Cascades. The rain was never too bad but it did force us to put on our rain jackets and pack covers. Everything else just got soaked, not like my feet were dry at this point anyway...

Around 8:00 pm it started raining again.  We continued hiking looking for a place to camp and didn't find a suitable spot until 9:00 pm.  I was beat and Viper was ready to make a fire to cook his hot dogs.  We quickly put up camp and gathered firewood.  The rain subsided for a while and we had a feast, hot dogs and Louisiana red beans and rice.  We also enjoyed the 2 beers we carried 28 miles.  At least we only have 24 miles to hike tomorrow to Ghost Ranch.

Leaving Cuba

The dog we named Jonathan Ley, followed us for a while out of town.


Viper in the aspens

Trail Subway for lunch.

Deer, not a bad zoom on the camera

The snow is a little too soft, I just bough snowshoes.

And some blow downs

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