Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22nd

June 22 2015

I was right, there was a lot of snow today.  The sunrise was pretty lame and we were fortunate enough to wake up to some of Reststop's jams. I always do a little dance. He has a portable speaker and plays it every morning for us.

Today we spent a good deal of time on snowshoes, big surprise right?  The adventure occured right after lunch. We had two options - drop down into a snow filled valley and climb back up to Hunchback Pass or.... Hike the divide!!!  Of course we decided to climb a 13,100 ft mountain fittingly called Wild Boy to get on the divide. 

The ascent was gruesome and straight up, there was a bit of boulder scrambling. At the top we celebrated and took pictures, I even had enough service to make a quick call to Katie. It was all fun and games until we had to go down.  Scree and boulders at 75 degree angle, it was no joke and pretty hairy. I guess I should be used to that by now. So after today we're all accomplished amateur mountaineers.  We ended up hitting a few more scree fields on our way back to the pass. Atlas and Bigfoot also got a super awesome 100+ foot glisade in.

All and all it was another good day. We are on the top of a windy saddle again and looking forward to another ridiculously windy night with limited sleep. Everyone it counting and rationing their remaining food. It looks like we have a little more than two days of hiking left. We are going to get very rested up in town. I also get my new tent, more on that tomorrow night. Its time for me to watch Game of Thrones on my cell phone, it can be hard out here sometimes.

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